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Theory Examination Journeyperson

Apprentices: No Charge
Trade Qualifiers: $150.00
Rewrites: No Charge
Upgrading from Provincial to Interprovincial Certification: No Charge

NOTE: Heavy Equipment Operator and Small Equipment Repair includes core and/or more endorsements.

Additional endorsements at a later date: No Charge

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Practical Examination Journeyperson


  • if immediately following completion of program and meet all eligibility requirements: No Charge
  • if completing program at a later date: fee established by the institution delivering the examination

Trade Qualifiers

Fee established by the institution/employer delivering the examination.

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Certificate of Qualification

Certificate Exchange: No Charge
Certificate Replacement: No Charge
Certificate of Qualification Renewal* (for up to 5 years): No Charge

*Certificates of Qualification are due for renewal in set increments of 5 years (December 2003, December 2008, December 2013 etc....)

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Field Journal As established by Queen's Printer

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Power Engineering/Operator

Power Engineering 1st Class: No Charge
2nd Class: No Charge
3rd Class: No Charge
4th Class: No Charge

Compressor Operator: No Charge
Refrigeration Operator "A": No Charge
Refrigeration Operator "B": No Charge

All Re-writes: No Charge

Original Certificate: No Charge
Renewal: No Charge
Replacement: $25.00
Equivalent Certificate: $25.00
Certificate Exchange (standardized): $25.00

*Certificate of Competency for Power Engineering is renewable every 5 years.

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Apprenticeship Program Accreditation

The following fee schedule has been established for apprenticeship program accreditation and maintenance (NOTE: Institutions will be required to pay all fees prior to site visits taking place):

Fee for new application, requiring a three-person team site visit, per program: $4,000

Fee for 5-year accreditation certificate renewal process or verification of accredited program changes, requiring a two-person team site visit, per program: $1,000

Annual Report submission and review: $200

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Apprenticeship Registration

Apprenticeship Registration Processing (non-refundable): No Charge

Logbook replacement: $10.00

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