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Registration Cancellation

Could I be cancelled out of apprenticeship?

Yes. It is important that you return to school when you receive a class call to attend in-school training either by the public training institution or by the department.

If you refuse to attend class or withdraw from school after class starts, the Industrial Training section will add your name to a list of registered apprentices who refuse to attend in-school training. The information will then be recorded by the Industrial Training Section.

After refusing one class call, a Notice of Mandatory Attendance will be forwarded to you by the Industrial Training Section advising you that the next class call requires in-school attendance.

If you refuse to attend a second class call, without just cause, a Notice of Cancellation will be issued by the Industrial Training Section.

Any apprentice has 30 days to appeal the Notice of Cancellation. At the discretion of the Program Development Officer, the apprentice may be granted a third class call and the institution will be notified by the Industrial Training Section. If no valid reason is forthcoming, the cancellation process is finalized.

My registration has been cancelled. Can it be reactivated?

Yes. An apprentice may submit a request to have his/her apprenticeship reactivated by the division. Once reactivated, apprentices will be permitted to return to in-school training.

It is important to note that all apprentices are expected to keep their Record of Occupational Progress (logbook) up-to-date during the period of cancellation to ensure proper credit re-assessment.

For further information on Cancellation of Registration, please contact the nearest Industrial Training office.

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