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Registration as an Apprentice

How do I become registered as an Apprentice in Newfoundland and Labrador?

First and foremost, find relevant employment with a supporting employer.

Once relevant employment is found, the prospective apprentice MUST contact the Division of Institutional and Industrial Education. A Program Development Officer will ensure that an Application for Apprenticeship PDF is completed and submitted to the nearest Industrial Training office.

Each Application for Apprenticeship PDF must include copies of high school certificates or equivalent, and any additional records of achievement, transcripts of marks and certificates/diplomas of post-secondary education related to the trade and any documentation supporting previous work experience. To avoid any processing delays, each application must contain complete and accurate information.

The Program Development Officer will then review the application and obtain further information from the prospective apprentice where necessary. After the application is approved, the Program Development Officer initiates the registration process and a Memorandum of Understanding PDF PDF is signed by the employer, the apprentice, and the Division.

The registration process, which identifies the individual as a registered apprentice, is formally processed by the Industrial Training Section. The Program Development Officer will issue an apprenticeship registration number and notification of acceptance to the apprentice. The Program Development Officer will also issue a logbook, or Record of Occupational Progress.

I haven’t completed a formal post-secondary training program for the trade in which I am currently employed. Can I still register as an apprentice?

Yes. Although the most common mechanism to become registered as an apprentice and complete an apprenticeship is to first complete an entry-level program of study with a registered training institution and then find relevant employment with a supporting employer, an individual can still become registered as an apprentice before completing in-school training.

It is important to know that regardless of the mechanism chosen, every individual that registers as an apprentice MUST complete all entry-level in-school training requirements in order to complete an apprenticeship. For those individuals who enter apprenticeship without any formal in-school training, all required courses must be completed during their term of apprenticeship. Funding arrangements for all registered apprentices is available via apprenticeship funding sources.

For further information on Registration of Apprentices, please refer to Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board Policy 20 PDF PDF, or contact the nearest Industrial Training office.

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