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Trade Qualifier

A Trade Qualifier is an individual who has amassed sufficient practical work experience to meet the established criteria to attempt the certification journey level (Provincial or Interprovincial) examination. The criteria requires relevant on-the-job experience of at least one year in excess of the apprenticeship term. For example, a Trade Qualifier employed as an Automotive Service Technician requires five years of work experience where the apprenticeship term for that occupation is four years.

The Trade Qualifier must provide documentation which verifies competence through sign-off of mandatory work skills as attested by a certified journeyperson in the respective occupation. Documentation must also include verification of time employed in the occupation.

A person attempting certification as a Trade Qualifier need not complete any institutional training; although the option to attend training is available where the need for theoretical upgrading is identified. Trade Qualifiers who successfully complete the certification examination receive the same Certificate of Qualification (journeyperson certificate) as a completing apprentice.

How do I apply as a Trade Qualifier in Newfoundland and Labrador?

Trade Qualifiers must complete the Application to be Examined PDF (105 KB) form and the Record of Work Experience form.

If employer verification of hours worked and/or journeyperson verification of skills is not possible, the Trade Qualifier may complete a Supporting Affidavit, available upon request. If a Supporting Affidavit is the method used for verification of hours and/or skills, a Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) may be requested by the Industrial Training section to be conducted at a recognized training institution.

The completed application form and required documents must be returned to the Industrial Training Division where a review of the application is conducted and the applicant is notified of decision for approval or rejection.

If approval is warranted, a date is established for the candidate to challenge the practical exam (if required) and the theory examination.

If successful in the certification examination, a Certificate of Qualification is issued to the Trade Qualifier.

If unsuccessful, an assessment of the examination may be conducted to determine areas where further study or experience is needed. The Trade Qualifier may apply to re-write the examination or may register to attend in-school training to better prepare for further examination.

For further information on Registration of Trade Qualifiers, please refer to Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board Policy 16 PDF PDF, or contact the nearest Industrial Training office.

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