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Inclusion Grants

Accessibility Grants

Inclusion Grants provide funding to non-profit, community based organizations to improve accessibility of buildings, playgrounds, boardwalks and other facilities. Examples of eligible projects include installation of accessible washrooms, ramps and visual smoke alarm systems.

Disability-Related Accommodations Grants

Inclusion grants also provide funding to non-profit, community-based organizations to provide disability-related accommodations making events and meetings more accessible. Examples of eligible projects include provision of sign language interpretation, captioning, and audio support for assistive listening devices.

Funding for this program has been fully utilized for 2014-15.  You are welcome to submit an application, however, your application will be date and time stamped and processed in the order it is received subject to availability of further funding.

For additional information please contact:

Email: inclusiongrants@gov.nl.ca
Telephone: (709) 729-6048
Toll-free: (888) 729-6279
TTY: (709) 729-5000
Toll-free TTY: (888) 729-5440

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